About Us - Specialist Therapeutic Homes, Schools and Therapy

We specialise in helping young children age 6-12 who have suffered severe Trauma, Neglect, Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse, including those who display sexualised behaviour.

 We have a detailed matching process which considers both the needs of new children and of those already placed with us, ensuring all our children can thrive together.

 Appletree Treatment Centre opened in 1995 - Our Therapeutic Approach works

rooted in decades of research, knowledge and experience, initially inspired by social pedagogy models over many years we have evolved and developed our unique

ATC Approach - the Roots of Appletree Treatment Centre

 Our research, knowledge and experience ensure our Roots programme focuses on our children, helping them to, Feel Safe and Cared About, develop a Sense of Belonging, grow secure Attachments, become immersed in our Therapeutic Approach, which helps them to Feel Valued, Feel Good Feel Loved, Enjoy Learning, Understand Feelings, Manage Feelings, Care About & Help Others and Build the Bands of Resilience that give them the capacity to cope with life’s future challenges. Over time we help children understand that they are not bad but bad things have happened to them and help them make sense of their world

We as the adults in our children’s lives become the trunk of their tree, we remain solid and will not bend. We are the caring hands our children need to feel safe, loveable, to learn and grow. Each and every child we help will make their own unique journey in the time they are with us but they will all leave us with the seeds of hope.