Health Co-ordinator - We employ a health co-ordinator who oversees the health needs of our children, ensures regular health, dentist and optician appointments.  They are available during the day for minor injuries and ailments and will attend medical appointments with the children.  They provide advice for the teams on minor or common childhood ailments and co-ordinate training.  They monitor children's health requirements ensuring that they are kept up to date with regular childhood health reviews, immunisations and where appropriate LAC medicals. They also work alongside our teachers to provide sex & relationship education at an appropriate developmental level.

Our children’s health is very important to us.  Our health co-ordinator makes sure that all of the children are registered with our local GP, Dentist and Optician.  The health co-ordinator makes sure our children all attend their regular appointments and have regular health checks. Children’s health records are maintained and shared with parents and other relevant professionals at review meetings.  Parents or those with parental responsibility are informed of any accident or illness requiring GP or hospital treatment immediately.

We use some non-prescribed medication for minor scratches or illnesses, we agree this use with parents before a child is placed with us.  All prescribed medication is monitored and logged through the health co-ordinator and all staff are trained in the dispensing of medication to the children.

Independent Visitor - We provide our children with 24 hour access to an independent person who will listen to any concern and can be a point of assistance outside the organisation. They can be accessed via a telephone and they also regularly visit and have tea with the children.