Clair Ann Davies BA (Cantab) M.SP.Ed - ATC Programme Lead

Clair Davies has been working with children and young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties since 1989. She graduated from Cambridge University and began working with young people in a secondary residential special school. She subsequently studied for her Masters in Special Education and spent a period researching in America before returning to England and helping to establish Appletree in 1995.

Clair has a list of published articles, she also delivers training, presentations and workshops to conferences and seminars. Clair is a member of a number of sector professional bodies.

Advisor to the field

DfE Clair is on the DfE list to consult on matters of interest in the field and emerging legislation.

NASEN a member of National Association of Special Educational Needs, since 2008, Clair has been a Member of Specialist Advisory Group which provides the Executive with feedback from those in the field of SEN.

NICE a member of the Topic Expert Group - Standards for Health and Well Being of Looked After Children. This was one of the first Standards in social care that the National Institute of Clinical Excellence were asked to address.

ICHA – Independent Children’s Home Association (committee member)

Business Innovation & Skills - Chair of Apprenticship Trailblazer for Children Young People & Families

Speaker/Presenter at Conference & Seminars including:

Published Articles

Professional Bodies

NASS - National Association of Independent Schools and Non Maintained Special Schools

NAES - National Association of Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties Schools (Secretary)

SEBDA - The Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association

BILD  - British Institute of Learning Difficulties

FICE  - International Federation for Childcare & Education (inc conference address in Paris, May 1998)

ICSE - Institute of Child Care and Social Education (Board member, presenter at conferences, lobby MP)

ICHA – Independent Children’s Home Association (committee member)

Business Innovation & Skills - Chair of Apprenticship Trailblazer for Children Young People & Families

Contact Clair Davies, ATC Programme Lead tel:015395 60253