Our Clinical Team

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist - Our Psychotherapist will be involved in considering any children who have had, or who have a recommendation to have psychotherapy prior to admission. The Psychotherapist provides consultation for individual children when this is assessed as appropriate and provides clinical consultation for the Senior Management.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist - Usually our children remain under the oversight of their local psychiatrist if medication has been prescribed. If this is not practical then we access our local NHS Trust Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Psychologists - Our Psychologists provide clinical consultation to our teaching and care teams on a monthly basis.  They provide training for children’s home, teaching and facilities teams. They also, alongside the Principal, teach the ATC Diploma to the children’s home team members.  Our Psychologists have also conducted or overseen research on our effectiveness and this informs our programme and our individual plans for our children.

Educational Psychologists - We also employ Clinical and Educational Psychologists who provide assessments of individual children which helps inform their programme and if required contribute to the child’s Education, Health and Care plan.