Local Offer

Welcome to Appletree Treatment Centre, we have worked with a number of local authorities nationwide helping them take care of the Health, Education and Care needs of girls and boys with emotional and learning difficulties. This is usually due to early traumatic experiences.

Our high staff ratios and experienced teams enable us to provide a structured, therapeutic, twenty-four hour programme which focuses on helping children to form positive relationships. These relationships enable the children to increase their self-esteem, which in turn allows them to acquire the skills which they need to succeed in school and at home. We do not exclude children so they experience emotional or 'felt' security.

Often our children need to return to play and role play experiences of much younger children in order to progress developmentally. Our teams are trained and supported to help them to do this in a safe, caring and appropriately stimulating environment. We provide an alternative to a concentrated mainstream education, which has often failed our children in the past. We keep our children in an appropriate primary school age group and away from older teenagers.   By revisiting early years experiences, such as play and other expressive activities, our children can begin to build the positive relationships and gain the basic skills and confidence they need to access all aspects of the National Curriculum.

To read more about the successful outcomes of our children click About us, browse our website to find out more about the work we do. 

Appletree Treatment Centre (ATC) Schools do not have School websites for further information or if you have any questions please contact:

Rowan Knapton, Principal  

r.knapton@appletreetc.co.uk or  tel 015395 60253