Appletree Treatment Centre provides high quality Therapeautic Care, Therapy and Education for girls and boys aged between 6 and 12 with social, emotional, mental health and associated learning difficulties. We now have 3 homes Appletree is home for up to 12 boys and girls, Fell House is home for up to 8 boys and girls, Willow Bank is home for up to 5 boys and girls.

This includes places for children whose family circumstances lead them to require structured support throughout the year. Our children have experienced failure in their schools, community and / or homes. These experiences have led to a range of difficulties which may include:

  • Relationships with adults characterised by over reliance or emotional detachment
  • Isolation from or high incidence of conflict with peers
  • Deep and intense sadness and / or anger expressed destructively
  • Lack of awareness of the impact of their actions on others
  • Little sense of basic self preservation
  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Poor attention span and difficulty concentrating

Our high staff ratios in all places enable us to provide a structured, therapeutic, twenty-four hour programme which focuses on helping children to form positive relationships. These enable the children to increase their self-esteem, which in turn allows them to acquire the skills which they need to succeed at home and in school. Often our children need to return to play and role play experiences of much younger children in order to progress developmentally. Our teams are trained and supported to help them to do this in a safe, caring and appropriately stimulating environment.